Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas / Special DVD Edition

Boasting a star-studded cast lending their voices to Sinbad and his gang of ruffians, it was almost guaranteed that Dreamwork's latest attempt at animated cinema would have sailed its way to the top of the box office charts. Unfortunately, the flick turned out to be more of a nightmare than a dream for the production company, though the folks at Disney were far from balling their eyes out. Brad Pitt and his burly-sounding set of pipes help bring the notorious swashbuckler to life as he encounters many obstacles while sailing the seven seas. After abandoning his old buddy Proteus (Joseph Fiennes) for a life of thievery, the two men cross paths after Sinbad is framed by The Goddess of Chaos (Michelle Pfeiffer) for stealing the Book of Peace from Syracuse. Though the men now represent opposite sides of the law, Proteus stands up for his old friend which lands him in prison. If Sinbad is unable to retrieve the highly sought after book within a short period of time, Proteus will be executed. Accompanied by his former partner's fiancée Marina (Catherine Zeta Jones)–a Jasmine knock-off for a new generation– the criminal with a heart of gold reluctantly attempts to save the day and decapitate a few sea monsters along the way. In a weak attempt at blending traditional animation with computer generated images, directors Gilmore and Johnson's attempt at spicing up a classic tale results in nothing more than your standard, G-rated action/adventure. While the film will possibly keep the kiddies entertained for an hour and a half, even the slew of familiar voices won't sustain mom and dad's interest for too long. In a world where crappy family films are flung at audiences o­n a weekly basis, Sinbad is far from the worst cartoon movie you'll subject your children to this year. But if ocean-oriented animation is what seems to float their boat, I'd suggest popping Finding Nemo into the DVD player for a 50th time instead.

If you decide to give in to temptation; o­nce you're done watching the main feature, cruise o­n over to the bonus features page for some sinfully good extras including:

-Filmmaker's commentary for ma and pa
-Over 15 Games and Activities accessible through DVD-Rom
-Printable Mazes, Masks and a "Cyclops Island" board game
-Promo level from the Sinbad PC game
-Making of documentary

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