Slicker Than Your Average

Craig David's much anticipated follow-up to his debut album "Born to Do It" has finally arrived. The talented U.K. based vocalist / songwriter is lookin' fine as usual and is ready to raise the roof with thirteen tracks ranging from hip hop to pop rock. "For me it was important to create material that would reflect what I've been doing for the last 18 months," says Craig. "This album is a clear progression." Indeed it is as you will notice the cuts are more edgier and innovative. The title track is upbeat in sound and blends elements of Hip Hop, soul and rock. "Fast Cars" will blow you away with it's kick ass beats. It's got a cool vibe and is one of my personal favorites. "Eenie Meenie" has Craig showing off his quick lyrical flow. His honey sweet voice charms listeners on the heartfelt "You Don't Miss Your Water ('til the well runs dry)." The legendary Sting collaborates on "Rise & Fall" expressing thoughts about stardom and it's effects. Sting's hit song "Shape Of My Heart" is used as a musical backdrop for this track. Quite impressive. The debut release "What's Your Flava?" is a sugar coated pop tune, which is disappointing. Check out the smooth sound of "Hands Up In The Air" and the funky "Two Steps back." The last track "World Filled With Love," ends off a great listening experience. Without a doubt, Craig David lives up to the title that he is "Slicker than Your Average." This is a fantastic album. Go get it.

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