Snapcase's 2000 Victory Records release is reminiscent of the band's heavier days. Daryl Tabersky's (vocals/lyrics) words are as strong as ever. This is an album filled with many questions, and possibly some answers as well. "Designs For Automotion" deals with the notion of mechanization, in terms of the self as well as the world. Tabersky  speaks of linear thought and robotized existence in that individuals are choosing to be puppets to the system, and are blindly following the masses. Tabersky references this o­n "Energy Dome", as he bellows:  "You need to rise up and revolutionize your thinking". The album also explores many of life's dichotomies, especially the line between truth and lie. With comments like: "Don't paint us the perfect picture, we have visions of our own" ("Typecast Modulator"), Tabersky encourages an informed personalized view of the place in which we live. These passionate words are complimented with intense music brought to life by Jon Salemi (guitar), Frank Vicario (guitar), Dustin Perry (bass), and Tim Redmond (drums). This record boasts a musical mishmash of hardcore, rock, metal, and even grunge. Guitars churn out driving melodies complete with solid chord changes, producing a reverberation of crystal clear sound. This is an album which is begging to be blasted at top volume. Standout songs you'll really want to move to are "Target", "Typecast Modulator", "Energy Dome", and  "Break The Static."

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