Snow Dogs

A very good film for children under the age of twelve years old. I recommend it fully for the scenery and the good moral values presented in this movie. The values of truth, simple living and friendship seem to be the message. Cuba Gooding, Jr. was well chosen in the main role as a dentist who discovers a hidden secret that will change his life. He learns an alternate lifestyle and discovers a fine way of blending his old life and new life together. The dogs are a wonderful example of team work throughout the movie. It was truly refreshing that there were no scenes of gratuitous violence throughout the movie. The plot is simple and at time predictable for adults, but children all around were cheering at the dogs. It reminded me a lot of the Walt Disney specials when I was a kid. It was a simple movie that reminded me that special effects are often not what children need. Take your child and/or nephew… you will feel this nostalgia again!

Have a good movie!

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