Sorority Boys

When a film includes K.O.K., D.O.G. and dildos you know you've entered the realm of sick teen humour.  How can the director, M. Wallace Wolodarsky, lose when total debauchery ends up leading to a better moral understanding? This Shakespearian type farce (think echoes of As You Like It) has three guys Dave (Barry Watson), Adam (Michael Rosenbaum), and Doofer (Harland Williams) framed for stealing their fraternity's, the K.O.K., cash supply.  Their futures look pretty dim until they realize there is in existence evidence to prove them innocent.  But . they have to dress up as girls to get it.  Dave, Adam and Doofer – now Daisy, Adina and Roberta are not quite successful in their mission and end up having to joining the sorority D.O.G.  They spend a week or two as successful transvestites getting an understanding of what it is the victims of college fun.  A new appreciation for the not so fairer sex is gained along with true love, self-esteem, revenge and ultimate success.   This golden rule tale proves that gender-bending, identity crisis, psuedo-lesbian action,  some gay lovin', and enough toxic substances to fill a McGill Frosh week, is all part of the great college experience.   Warning note: I hope all consumers will be conscientious and understand that while roofies, rape and sexual harassment are funny o­n a forty foot screen they are not endorsed as right by this reviewer or this site.  

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