The songs from Bollywood film productions (known as "Filmi") have been a mounting basis of interest and festivity within the last decade. The goal of this particular compilation is to present 15 of the best Filmi tunes from the previous 40 years, covering the songs from its early beginnings in rickety studios to its present day sophisticated productions. Sapana (the voice behind the hit "Pyar Do Pyar Lo" gets the Bollywood ball rolling, as the first track. The sparkling, modern sounds of contemporary productions such as Kanchan and Chitra sit happily next to the slightly distorted and possibly additionally charming work of experts like Kishore Kumar and Alka Yagnik, revealing the impressively diverse connection that has evolved over the years. The incessantly emotive string sections, unique vocals and fundamental range of influences stir up an uninhibited idealism and transferable force at almost every note. Bollywood fan or not, you merely cannot fail to be moved by such striking and dreamy music.