Holy 80's flashback Benny! Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" shows up as lucky number 7 o­n this 14-song soundtrack to Ben Stiller's new flick. What's more, Michael Jackson's hit single "Beat It" (of Thriller fame) enjoys remixing at the hands of modern DJ wonder boy Moby. Other catchy scratching and mean beats pop up all over this fun platter. The album leaves you feeling energized with Powerman 5000's crunchy reprise of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's classic, Relax (which, incidentally, appears as the album's second track, but in its original incarnation). If you are o­ne of those nostalgic types, we are pleased to inform you that Nikka Costa's sultry voice resurrects a barely revamped version of o­ne of Blondie's most memorable tunes, Call Me. Kicking off with Start the Commotion by The Wiseguys, the Zoolander soundtrack also boasts contributions by No Doubt, The Wallflowers, Rufus Wainwright, Herbie Hancock, BT, Orgy, Freestylers and The Crystal Method. Hats off to Ben Stiller who, as o­ne of today's most adored actors, had the gumption to co-produce such a whimsical and spirited compilation of some of the coolest foot-tappers of yesteryear plus a splash of modern chill potions. Well, off to sing in the shower for a while…

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