The It used to be that videogames were strictly for twelve year-old boys and forty-seven year-old Trekkies. In our day and age, games for our countless consoles have the potential of becoming almost as popular as motion pictures. With the release of True Crime, a hi-tech, fast action shoot 'em up, the Grand Theft Auto series may have a run for its money. o­ne of the major enjoyments of the game is the fact that no longer must you endure the tacky beeps and blips soundtrack that games like Frogger and Space Invaders o­nce offered. Now, you can cruise down computer generated streets in your shot-up car listening to over twenty of North America's hottest rap and r n' b acts. The gang behind the disc got together the biggest names in the biz including Warren G ("What U Wanna Do"), tyke-rappers Young Billionaires ("Roll Wit Me"), Bizzy Bone (with an ode to the glitzy and glamour-less "Hollywood") and the crème de la crème, Snoop Dogg ("Dance Wit Me"). With a second Streets soundtrack o­n the way, o­ne can o­nly expect another batch of raw rap tunes for the freestyle aficionado.

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