Stone Temple Pilots

When a great band puts out a 'greatest hits' album, it's pretty safe to bet o­n good listening.  S.T.P. has a consistent history as forefronters of the modern rock'n'roll scene; they pursued their own unique musical vision, an inspired sonic approach merging metallic riffs and baroque pop melodies with a punk-fuelled energy and a gift for psychedelic experimentation.  Of course, this album cannot satisfy every die-hard fan, there is always someone who will feel that the 'true hits' are not included. 
Considering that all but o­ne track, "All in the Suit that you Wear", are re-released this could be a great introduction to a very highly successful band who emerged in 1992.  Songs like "Creep", "Vasoline", "Sour Girl" and an acoustic rendition of "Plush" are all good reasons to buy this album.  In 2001, the band received a Grammy Award nomination in the "Best Hard Rock Performance" category for "Down" (second track o­n the album).  Of course, the old cliché runs true that if you are a fan then you know that you already have these songs.  Therefore, it seems logical that anyone interested in getting a taste of o­ne of the best bands in the 90's (a definitive musical decade) would do well to invest in the greatest hits of S.T.P.

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