The Battle of Shaker Heights / Special DVD Edition

A few years back, buddies Matt Damon and Ben Affleck got together to announce Project Greenlight, a contest targeted at all aspiring filmmakers. The concept: o­ne Hollywood hopeful's screenplay would be selected and then developed into a feature length flick to be produced by Miramax Films. The movie-making experience would be captured by a group of cameramen and then documented o­n HBO as a television series. Producers were predicting a win-win situation for all. While the show received cult status in an extremely short period of time, the first season's big screen release Stolen Summer tanked at the box office. With fingers crossed tightly, the Greenlight gang decided to try again, awarding Potelle and Rankin their own director's chairs. With more drama taking place behind the scenes as opposed to o­n the screen, HBO has said "no thanks" to a third season and Miramax can't be that enthusiastic either. While Shaker Heights took a belly flop at the box-office, it isn't a terrible viewing experience. The film chronicles the life of Kelly Ernswiler (Shia LaBeouf), a 17 year-old grocery store clerk obsessed with war reenactments. After meeting Bart Bowland (Eldon Henson) o­n the battlefield, the two become close friends. But o­nce Kelly becomes starry-eyed for Bart's engaged sister Tabby (Amy Smart), things begin to get shaky in Shaker Heights. Dealing with subjects such as teen angst and learning to accept others, the flick definitely has its heart in the right place. However having heart does not make a great movie. Shaker Heights is a must-see for those who have devoted themselves to the show; since you can't watch a series all season and not witness the final outcome. Enjoy.

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