The Doves

The Morning Jackets opened last night's show before a packed house of over 850 admiring fans.  However, the majority in attendance were there to check out The Doves. Their brisk hour and fifteen minutes of unadulterated music was short, nonetheless their set oozed with creativity and musicality that we rarely hear from newer bands.  The light show along with the footage projected behind the band blended wonderfully with the music.  I don't think I have ever seen a better and more varied light show at The Club Soda. After listening to the band's latest CD I thought I had an idea of what to expect.  I anticipated a rock band with a multi-layered sound and orchestral undertones.  Everything I heard o­n the CD was evident live, yet there is a sense of urgency to The Doves' music that can o­nly be appreciated live. The standing room o­nly crowd embraced the three lads from Manchester, England (Jimi Goodwin and the twins Jez and Andy Williams).  The concert featured tracks from both of their CDs; Lost Souls which sold over 160,000 copies in Britain and was christened "the first great album of the millennium" by NME and their latest captivating release, Last Broadcast which was released earlier this summer and already boasts two hit singles; Their Goes The Fear and Caught By The River. Regular radio rotation o­n The Buzz and Cool FM as well as several College and University radio stations has helped to develop the band's footing here.  The highlight of the show featured the band inviting the audience o­nto the stage during Spaceface, everyone danced as the words "All The Worlds Are Yours" and "2001 Space Odyssey" flashed o­n the projection screen (the last time I saw a stage so jammed packed with fans was at the Boomtown Rats concert In the late 1970's). Next, the feedback of a lone guitar engulfed the Club Soda followed by the screen projecting static.  Yes the show was then over, but I have a feeling it will be remembered dotingly by those that were there. As always, included below you will find The Doves Set List.

The concert started at 10:15 and ended at 11:30
There Goes The Fear
The Sulphur Man
Sea Song
Catch The Sun
Last Broadcast
Caught By The River
Cedar Room
Man Who
Here It Comes

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