The Hole

"The Hole"  is arguably o­ne of the most riveting suspense thrillers/whodunits to grace the big screen in ages. From the outset we know that something has gone terribly wrong. English boarding school student, Liz, played to understated perfection by Thora Birch of "American Beauty"   fame, has managed to emerge from "the hole", which in actuality happens to be an old abandoned bomb shelter. She and a group of classmates had aspired to spend the weekend there to escape from a class field trip, o­nly to find themselves not o­nly trapped but entombed. What follows, thereafter, is a harrowing and incredibly disturbing descent into desperation, despair and duplicity as we slowly learn exactly what happened in minute detail, the implications of which will not o­nly scare but haunt you. If you're a fan of this genre, "The Hole" is a definite must see but consider yourself forewarned, it's not for the faint of heart!!!