The Mousetrap

I guess the question is – 'who dunnit?'  Was it her or
was it him?  Who is lying?  And how do you know for
sure?  This enduring play, by Agatha Christie,
(November 25, 2002 marks its 50th anniversary – it is
the longest running play in history!) has a great
script that keeps o­ne guessing and the actors jumping.
An immensely popular play that deals with the deeper
matters of memory, self hood and self-acceptance –
which the audience will realize if they can stop
laughing.  There is no end to the funny quirks of
humanity the actors push to the fullest extent.
The cast is gathered together under Steven Sheppard,
who graduated from McGill, is the Artistic Director of
the Manitoba Theatre Centre and directed The Mousetrap
in Manitoba in 1988.  Cast members include actors from
across Canada: Evelyne Anderson, (acts in Manitoba),
Ryan Hollyman, (in Montreal), Robert Latimer, (in
Europe, United States and Canada), Stephanie McNamara,
(in Montreal), Lubomir Mykytiuk ,(in Montreal), Mike,
Nadajewski (in Montreal), ,Irene Poole ,(in Canada) and
Gordon Tanner (in Manitoba).  The energy and
characterization this cast dives into will keep you o­n
the edge of your seat watching the not o­nly the play
but individual mannerism.
The backdrop for the fun and games was an elaborate
set prepared by Michael Eagan.  Costumes were created
by Jan Cogley, Lighting was by Luc Prairies, Sound
Designer was Rob Denton and Stage Manager was Jennifer
Jensen.  The concentrated effort of everyone added up
to a great performance that will captivate and delight
Besides, if it is still running after 50 years it has
to have something.  So go out and enjoy yourself – I
bet you won't know 'who dunnit'!

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