The Number 1 Brazilian Album

Brazilian music has been quickly gaining popularity in Europe and is making way to North America as well. If you are already familiar with the music or would simply like to discover this genre, you should check out "The Number 1 Brazilian Album." This extensive collection includes numerous tracks from some of the top acts of Brazilian music. Erlon Chavez gets the album off to a plesant start with "Cosa Nostra." Edu Lobo will get you dancing to "Upa Neguinho." Oscar Peterson entices listeners with a smooth instrumental piece entitled "Mas Que Nada." The track "Mirandolina" offer up some more danceable rhythms. Caetano Veloso's soft vocals are enjoyable on the song entitled "Sampa." Other notable performances are offered by Wes Montgomery, Gilberto Gil, Luiz Henrique and also check out the bonus track by Erlon Chavez. It is the track entitled "Cosa Nostra" but is offered in a remixed version by Raw Deal. Music to discover.

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