The Rasmus

The Rasmus have been getting quite a bit of airplay in the last while. The Swedish quartet have recently launched their first album "Dead Letters," which includes the hit single "In The Shadows". If the song title doesn't already suggest it, these guys have a dark side. The songs are quite morbid, with lines like "The record shows that you're dead but you're still living" ("In My Life") and "take my heart, take my soul / I don't need them anymore" ("The o­ne I Love"). While the song titles and lyrics are quite dark, the music manages to pack an upbeat sound. The Rasmus combine soft alternative, punk and rock, creating a sound that doesn't quite compare to what is currently in the mainstream. They even incorporate cello sections o­n some of the songs, like the melancholic "Funeral Song". Lauri Ylönen's voice really stands out o­n the album: soft, full and intense all at the same time. The guitar work from Pauli Rantasalmi (guitar) and Eero Heindnen (bass) moves from rocking and edgy, to light and fluttery, all within a the same song. The band is completed with Aki Hakala o­n drums. The album is a solid collection of songs, which includes a bonus track "F-F-F-Falling" (one of the best songs o­n the album), as well the music video for "In The Shadows."