The String Cheese Incident

Masters of improvisation Michael Kang , Michael Travis, Bill Nershi, Kyle Hollingsworth, Keith Moseley  or The String Cheese Incident have reached the cusp of an explosive national breakthrough through outstanding live performances and a dedication to touring. The band is also quite adept in the studio and now gives us their fourth studio release "Untying The Not"
On this album The String Cheese Incident crafts from an astonishing mix of roots music, with intricate mountain bluegrass, transcendent Afro-pop rhythms, sensuous Latin melodies and breezy Calypso grooves that branch from a trunk of traditional American rock. The String Cheese Incident not o­nly weaves together these incredibly diverse musical elements, it creates an entirely new sound in the process. From the opening notes of "Wake Up" to the last tone o­n"On My Way" this is a solid album. If your tastes are in the form of "jam bands" then this o­ne is a keeper.

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