The Strokes

The first few seconds of The Strokes' 11-track debut CD will spiral you into a full-on retro mood. This New York City act has livened up the rock scene, and is creating a buzz in the press and in concert halls around the U.S. They are making the biggest buzz in England right now, and are receiving rave reviews in almost every music magazine. The line-up is Fabrizio Moretti o­n drums, Nick Valensi and Albert Hammond Jr. o­n guitars, Nikolai Fraiture o­n bass, and Julian Casablancas o­n vocals. They bring the 60s and 70s to life with their gritty vocals and smart guitar riffs. Listening to the fourth track, "Barely Legal", just makes you want to get up and do the Lindsey. The entire album, is like a party not worth missing. From beginning to end, the swaying melodies and edgy riffs will give everyone and their parents a good time!

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