Tom Jones

Tom Jones releases yet another album of sexy hits featuring favorites from the sixties to his most provocative, the recent "Sex Bomb" at the break of the millennium.  The album opens up with his energetic, "It's Not Unusual" which got me off my seat and dancing about the room while I sang along.  Next, "What's new Pussy Cat" was equally as delightful.  Then the album goes down tempo with "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" and "I'm Coming Home".  However, I was coaxed out of my seat for a second time when the sweet persuasion of "She's a Lady" came steaming from the stereo.  Jumping to the eighties, Jones covers "Kiss", an electro-funk tune by Prince and "Burning Down the House" by The Talking Heads.  "Sexbomb" and "Medley from 'The Full Monty'" wrap up the compilation. Because this album marks Tom Jones' progress as an artist over 40 years there is definitely something within the twenty-two tracks that will tickle every listener's fancy.  However, I cannot imagine any single person enjoying every single track as each decade brings another round of new genres and styles to experiment.  For this reason I must criticize Jones' 'Greatest Hits' for its schizophrenic nature making it nearly impossible to listen straight through.  So get your trigger finger ready when you listen to this album as it can quickly turn from greatest hits to painful misses.