Van Morrison

Rejoice for Van Morrison has released a new studio album. Clearly Van Morrison returns to his classic sound, spanning almost half a century of musical artistry and yet there is also something alluringly new o­n this disc. The concept for Down The Road may best be summed up by Ben Sidran. "There are not many roads. There is o­nly o­ne road, infinitely connected, like the grooves o­n an old record, endlessly leading away from home and back towards home at the same time. It's all a long journey and traveling is just what we do to stay alive." The catchiest tunes o­n this album include: "Down The Road", "Hey Mr. D.J.", "Georgia" and "Steal My Heart Away." But as with o­nly the best albums, this o­ne flows, it rocks, sings, jams, it screams and it lulls you to sleep and into a dream. You will not be able to resist Van's lyrical musings if you're a longtime Van Morrison fan. He will lure you in as he always has. The poet's sensitive words along with his straightforward beats are as prolific as ever. The harmonic and sweet sax phrases are still there and so is Van's melodious Harp. This is another classic album.