Various Artists

The creators of this CD are a small group of impassioned music enthusiasts that produce interesting conceptual albums. The group's latest concept is the Artists Choice releases, which has included the music enjoyed by Yo Yo Ma, Ray Charles, Lucinda Williams and now the Rolling Stones. The inserted booklet is an informative read. Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie picked a few songs that they hold a particularly important connection to. The bad Boys of Rock and Roll talk about their picks and their significance. As expected this CD contains a wide variety of music, ranging from Robert Johnson to Sade. Mick Jagger's first selection is "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (Part 1)." Other selections by Mick and the other band mates include: "I'm Still in Love With You," by Al Green, "I Can't Turn You Loose," by Otis Redding and 14 more sensational recordings. I recommend this disc to any "Stones" fan, but also to those of you that enjoy a variety of good music.