Various Artists

This 2 disc compilation boasts some of this year's hottest DJs.  Disc 1 is mixed by World renowned British DJ by Goldie. His sound: a mix of  generic drum and bass which occasionally borders o­n trance. Goldie creates an endless flow of upbeat music, with each song mixing smoothly into the next. He does a particularly good job with "All Strung Out" and "Tight Fit" by bringing up their speed and enhancing the overall sound. It must be noted that the electronica industry is currently pumping out some amazingly innovative DJs. Based o­n this, Goldie's mixing is nothing completely original. However, fans of older electronica will appreciate this album. Disc 2 consists of the original, unmixed tracks by various DJs. This CD offers more variety as a compilation should: each of the DJs styles stand out. This album is also drum and bass, but with a mellow edge. Every song is stylistically different from the next: "Star Revisited" leans more towards an ambient vibe, while "Rhythm Killa" is strictly jungle. Without question, this album is the more catchy of the two. However, both albums compliment o­ne another nicely: a compilation for all electronica fans.

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