Will Hoge

Will Hoge's latest CD, Blackbird o­n a Lonely Wire has an interesting sound to it that, kinda sounds like something between Dave Matthews, Counting Crows and a little bit of country. Definitely has potential. Black Bird o­n a Lonely Wire has some happy songs, some sad songs, but in general they are all quite similar: they always start off mellow, take off into something more powerful and then mellow down again. I didn't even notice a bridge in any of Hoge's songs, it's all just a bunch of verses and choruses. The o­nly songs that stood out in my opinion were Hey tonight and Better Off  Now (That You're Gone), if o­nly for the reason that I could at least slightly relate to the lyrics and choruses. I suppose that the best way to describe this song is that it is some very easy listening and if you enjoy listening to Q92, than this album may just be for you.

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