Holes / Special DVD Edition

"Holes" is an extremely exceptional commodity, a family film that is capable of entertaining young and old. The movie is based o­n the 1998 novel written by Louis Sachar.  The o­nly aspect of this film that is difficult to follow is the out of whack chronological time order; switching between present day to the past.  The plot of the film is straightforward. A group of juvenile delinquents work in the desert heat in a rehabilitation camp ironically named Camp Green Lake. Each kid's responsibility consists of digging a hole 5 foot deep and 5 feet wide, hence the title of the film. The kids dig these holes in order to build character; but is that the o­nly reason?  Watch this film and unwrap its many layers.  I recommend this film for several reasons.  Fundamentally, this flick is unique, the cinematography and sound separation is magnificent and the acting is first rate.  Starring Stanley Yelnats IV (Shia LaBeouf), wrongly accused of stealing a pair of famed athletic shoes and his buddy Zero (Khleo Thomas) who Yelnats helps to read in exchange for Zero's digging assistance. Wonderful acting performances abound by the autocratic  Warden (Sigourney Weaver), her man in charge, Mr. Sir (Jon Voight) and the unhinged pseudo- doc, Mr. Pedanski (Tim Blake Nelson). Interestingly, Sigourney Weaver in o­ne of the special DVD features mentioned how her daughter envisioned her in the roll of "the bad warden."  "Holes" has captured the imagination of numerous youngsters and adults in text and celluloid.  Now o­n DVD, you will be able to recapture all of the wondrous moments you either saw or missed in the theater.  Special DVD features Include:
Language tracks (English, Spanish and French).
Gag Reels (these didn't make the final cut).
Check out which six scenes were completely removed from the film.
Meet the juvenile hole diggers and discover a bit of their real personalities and don't miss "Dig It" the cast's musical performance
My favorite special DVD feature included Louis Sacher's vision of the book and how it all began with connotations to heat and then developed into a story.  Also,  Sigourney Weaver's comments were interesting and insightful shedding a bit of light o­n aspects of her performance we would otherwise have no understanding of.

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