Cyndi Lauper

This CD originally came out in 2003, however somehow it miraculously slipped through the cracks and never got reviewed, up until now; oh well, better late than never. Lauper's previous concert at Montreal's Metropolis Theater was heralded as a success by any measure and her material o­n "At Last" will attest to that. Lauper will probably be among the first to tell you that she is still o­ne of the girls that wants to have fun but she has matured and her new musical direction substantiates that. This is the first Cyndi Lauper album without any of her original scores included. o­n "At Last" Lauper flips through the pages of classic's songbooks by such eternal composers as Burt Bacharach, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder. These timeless tunes are not just simply regurgitated works but rather they are completely re-worked… to make them Lauper's own. Some of my favorite selections include: the opening track, "At Last," "Walk o­n By" (Burt Bacharach), "Stay" (M. Williams), "Until You Go Away" (S. Wonder, M Broadmax, C.Paul), "Makin Whoopee" a wonderful duet with Tony Bennett and Smokey Robinson's classic "You Really Got A Hold o­n Me." The 13 tracks contained within "At Last" are uplifting and sentimental and add a whole new twist to Cyndi Lauper musical repertoire.