Damien Rice / April 21, 2004

From the moment the show began with a set from the good-natured, fun-loving and (most importantly) extremely talented The Frames (who received countless standing-ovations), the packed audience knew that they were definitely in for a night of surprises. With birthday cakes, witty banter and beer chugging towards the end of Continue Reading

The Haunted Mansion

It was a dark and stormy night and in the distance stood a big, scary mansion with a really creepy butler. The roads were closed off because of a storm and the visitors were stranded and in for an unforgettable night. And then everybody started to do "The Time Warp." Continue Reading

Ghosts Of The Abyss

You probably remember James Cameron's modest and unassuming motion picture from 1997 called "Titanic," the film generated a gazillion dollars along with several Oscar awards including best picture. This time around, with "Ghosts Of The Abyss," James Cameron revisits the legendary Titanic ocean liner, this time from a documentary perspective.   Continue Reading

Morgan Heritage

This DVD is a collection of live performances from the reggae quintet known as Morgan Heritage. This band is a unique formation, these siblings came together under their father, Denver Morgan's guidance. The band consists of Peter (lead vocalist), Una (vocalist/keyboards), Lux (guitar), Grasmky (vocalist/keyboard) and Mr Mojo (percussion/rapper/chanter). Their Continue Reading


Weezer have been around for ages, and managed to be a successful rock outfit throughout. Over the years Weezer has had four different lineups, but singer and lead guitarist Rivers Cuomo has been with the band the entire time. Known for making the nerd look cool, Cuomo has in fact Continue Reading