Damien Rice / April 21, 2004

From the moment the show began with a set from the good-natured, fun-loving and (most importantly) extremely talented The Frames (who received countless standing-ovations), the packed audience knew that they were definitely in for a night of surprises. With birthday cakes, witty banter and beer chugging towards the end of Damien's set, the evening was not exactly what o­ne would expect from the low-key, introspective performer. Even with a set that lasted a whopping two hours and fifteen minutes, the audience was sad to see Rice take his final bow. Announcing from the very beginning that he didn't want his tour to be a reenactment of the film Groundhog Day, Rice worked without a set-list, taking requests from his fans or simply selecting what he felt would be an appropriate song to play. Theatre Outremont was the perfect venue for such an intimate performance. By the end of the night, each audience member felt as if they had just made a few hundred more friends. This was Damien's first concert in Montreal, here to promote his debut solo album "O". Those won over by the record were far from disappointed. Playing all of the fan favorites alongside master cellist Vyvienne Long, the sultry voiced Lisa Hannigan as well as a gifted bassist and bongo player, each song sounded as crisp as if they were being played off of a CD (thanks in part to the outstanding sound system which the venue had to offer). With his French anecdotes, an oversized disco-ball (which actually gave off a beautiful effect) and the guts to play certain songs completely in the dark, there is no denying that Rice is off to an unbelievably promising start.

Set List

Grey Room
The Blower's Daughter Part Two
I Remember
Woman Like a Man
Older Chests
Bottom Shelf
Cold Water / Hallelujah
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Bob Dylan) (singing by Lisa)
The Professeur and La Fille Danse

Encore :

Last Goodbye (Jeff Buckley) (singing by Glen from the frames)
The Blower's Daughter (start by Glen from the frames)
Cheers Darlin'

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