Dragon Lord

The highlights, of this 1982 action / martial arts film are the classic fight scenes and special effects. The film's plot gyrates around Dragon (Jackie Chan) and his best friend Cowboy (Mars). After an annual colloquial game is won the two friends become enchanted by the same girl, Alice (Sidney Yim). This amour a trios leads to the potential loss of friendship between the two life long friends. However, the two pals resolve their differences and are once again on solid footing. Shortly after their romantic rivelary, the two stumble upon a gang selling stolen Chineese artifacts to the west. Dragon and Mars re-unite to prevent the bandits from completing their dirty deeds.

Dragon Lord was the follow-up to two very successful Jackie Chan films (The Young Master (1980) and Drunken Master (1978)). Dragon Lord changed Chan's stock in Hong Kong. Chan was now able to command astronomical prices for his films due to his previous two successful films. Previous to Chan commanding similar attention in North America he filmed "Rumble In The Bronx" in Montreal during the early 1990's; Chan never looked back.

Jackie Chan fans may be disappointed with the English dub and the film's video is noticeably low-grade. However, this new DVD edition is a drastic improvement over any previous VHS copies. There are no special DVD extras found on this DVD. Any Jackie Chan or martial arts fan will enjoy these 92 minutes of action, thrills and spills.

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