Ghosts Of The Abyss

You probably remember James Cameron's modest and unassuming motion picture from 1997 called "Titanic," the film generated a gazillion dollars along with several Oscar awards including best picture. This time around, with "Ghosts Of The Abyss," James Cameron revisits the legendary Titanic ocean liner, this time from a documentary perspective.   It is common knowledge that the Titanic collided with an iceberg o­n April 15, 1912 and submerged beneath the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean near Newfoundland. Utilizing state of the art cameras and robotic machinery explicitly manufactured for this documentary, Cameron takes us o­n an examination of the sunken ship as it lies untouched some 12,500 feet down o­n the ocean floor. Bill Paxton  joins Cameron o­n this epic exploration. This ghostly journey although purely a documentary film, captures several haunting images. When the robotic photographic equipment ventures through sections of the ship that laid concealed to man since the ship went down almost a century ago o­ne feels that the ghosts still reside o­n board. Cameron ingeniously employs CGI overlays to show us what it is we're looking at since it's not always obvious. The legendary ship remains in outstanding condition–wooden beds, water jugs, and stained glass windows have withstood the ravages of time. Ghosts Of The Abyss is not the epic motion picture "Titanic" was, but it is much more evocative and eerie.Special DVD features:-Interviews with James Cameron and Bill Paxton
-The MIR Experience lets you choose from different camera angles as you journey to the depths of the ocean floor and into the Titanic
-Two versions of the film are included / the original 60 minute theatrical film and the ninety minute extended film that includes never before seen footage

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