Morgan Heritage

This DVD is a collection of live performances from the reggae quintet known as Morgan Heritage. This band is a unique formation, these siblings came together under their father, Denver Morgan's guidance. The band consists of Peter (lead vocalist), Una (vocalist/keyboards), Lux (guitar), Grasmky (vocalist/keyboard) and Mr Mojo (percussion/rapper/chanter). Their songs seek to deliver a message of God's guidance. They believe that life is all about living without regret: to just take what God has given you and make the best of it. Their musical interests run far and wide. Though they are primarily influenced by Reggae legends, they still listen to a lot of pop, rock, punk and jazz, such as: Avril Lavigne, 50 cent, Snoop Dog and even Andrea Boccelli. This comes out in their music, as it is not all standard reggae. Morgan Heritage seek to keep things interesting by creating reggae with an edge of rap, pop and rock. The DVD consists of 2 full length shows: "Paradiso" and "Three In One Mix", where the band puts on hour long performances. These guys really know how to get their crowd going, with fun, upbeat songs and energy from its band members. There is also a lot of talking in between songs, about life and the reggae culture, which translates into pure encouragement to all the fans. The Special Features section consists of a live performance of their song "Jump Around" and the Europe Music Video awards, as well as an interview segment with each member of the band. There is also a discography page where one can click on any one of the band's 12 albums to get a full track listing. This is a DVD for all reggae fans and anyone who wants to hear a true example of creativity in music.

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