The Haunted Mansion

It was a dark and stormy night and in the distance stood a big, scary mansion with a really creepy butler. The roads were closed off because of a storm and the visitors were stranded and in for an unforgettable night. And then everybody started to do "The Time Warp." Oops, sorry, wrong movie. But the other part is true. It was supposed to be a family weekend away, but Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) just couldn't pull himself away from his job as a real estate agent. When Jim's wife and business partner Sara got a call to come see a property for sale Jim just couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet a potential client. The Evers decided to take a quick detour o­n their way out of town, instead of enjoying a family getaway. The Evers family found themselves in a haunted house where the ghosts who inhabited the spooky mansion were trapped because the house was cursed. However, Sara was the key to freeing their souls and unlocking the curse. Although this film is adapted from a Disney theme park ride of the same name, don't be fooled by the Disney name. This film has scenes that can be very disturbing to young children and even some squeamish grown ups. There are several spectacular special effects and some hair-raising moments. Eddie Murphy along with the rest of the cast combine to produce a memorable film. There's even a happy ending for the ghosts. Enjoy this fun Disney comedy/ thriller; for older children and their fearless parents.
Special DVD Features:Before I list all of the special features let me just add that there are a lot more extras included here than usual, so enjoy-Bloopers
-Deleted Scenes
-Haunted Mansion Virtual Tour
"Making The Mansion" Behind the-scenes featurette
-Anatomy Of A Scene: Ghosts In The Graveyard
-Audio Commentary by the producer, effects supervisor and writer
-An almost unlimited amount of DVD-Rom Content that will keep the kids busy for hours

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