The Music And Animation Collection

Paul McCartney's creative juices pour out of this wonderful new animation collection.  The three children's stories presented o­n this DVD will delight kids of all ages; so whether you are five or fifty-five you will be drawn in by McCartney's music and his ability to tell a well sewn yarn. All of the three tales include colorful animal characters. "Tropic Island Hum" is probably among the last hand crafted animated films, in the same vain as Disney classics, such as "Snow White" and "Bambi." The parallel between the look of "Tropic Island Hum" and McCartney's life long love of animation is no accident. "Tropic Island Hum" features seven furry creatures who join in to tell the story of human destruction and the salvation of Wirral the Squirrel by a heroic hot air balloon navigating frog named Froggo. The British Academy Award nominated "Tuesday" is based o­n the book written by David Weisner. "Tuesday" is about umpteen of frogs infiltrating a town and the havoc that ensues. Finally, the British Academy Award winning film "Rupert The Frog Song" is included in this collection. This film is not to be missed and will be enjoyed by the whole family.  The music entwined within these imaginative tales include: Paul McCartney's 1984 hit "We All Stand Together" and "Tropic Island Hum." The DVD package includes a wonderfully illustrated booklet that offers a short synopsis of the three tales, a short Biography of Paul McCartney and Geoff Dunbar and the words to the songs contained o­n the disc. The balance between visual and auditory splendor contained o­n this DVD is not to be missed by anyone.DVD Extras-The making of the three animations and their story boards and line tests
-An interview with Paul McCartney in which Sir Paul talks about his fascination for animation and the creation of these three stories
-Many more surprises you will have to discover for yourself