Weezer have been around for ages, and managed to be a successful rock outfit throughout. Over the years Weezer has had four different lineups, but singer and lead guitarist Rivers Cuomo has been with the band the entire time. Known for making the nerd look cool, Cuomo has in fact become a rock legend. Join him and the Weezer gang for quite the adventure. This DVD starts off with a selection of all the music videos Weezer has ever made. Some of these videos are quite artistic, especially those directed by Spike Jonze. Among the videos are the classics: "Undone -The Sweater Song", "Buddy Holly", "Say It Ain't So", "El Scorcho [director's cut]", "Hash Pipe", "Island In The Sun [versions 1 and 2]" and "Photograph". The DVD also includes videos for lesser known songs: "The Good Life", "Pink Triangle", , "Dope Nose", "Keep Fishin'" and "Slob". The sections "Raw Nuggets" and "Documentary, B-roll and Live Stuff" contain just that: a whole bunch of odds and ends. There are many live performances, several of them taped by handheld cameras, with no editing. In contrast, there are also sharper cuts, like the band's performance on David Letterman back in 1994. The old video sources are most enjoyable because it's neat to see Weezer in their grunge attire and long hair back in the early 90's. The documentaries are also cool, as the band is followed in the studio as well as for the making of their albums. "Outlog" is a hilarious documentary piece where the guys are trying to create a promo piece for themselves. There is also the option of having a Weezer commentary on, which will give you the scoop on certain clips on the DVD. All in all, this is a great DVD, and a must have for all Weezer fans. Those that have never heard of Weezer will surely enjoy it as well.

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