In 1834, an eighteen year-old girl by the name of Mary Shelly wrote a horror story to outshine a friend in a contest. Who would have thought that over a decade and a half later, her story would be sending shivers down the spines of millions of readers-not to mention movie viewers? While there have been countless incarnations over the years, it is director Whale's whose feature has become the most significant amongst film buffs and scary movie fans. Those who simply dismissed the film as horror movie fluff were put to shame in 1998, when The American Film Institute awarded the feature the honor of being labeled one of the top one-hundred films of the past one-hundred years. Colin Clive stars as the nutty Dr. Henry Frankenstein, who dreams of creating the ultimate creature by combining various human body-parts. At first this tests is successful enough to have the mad doctor shrieking "it's alive, alive!" at the top of his lungs; however, his invention goes awry shortly after it is born. The hulking, green lug with bolts in his neck is played masterfully by character actor Boris Karloff whose helpless grunts and moans are more frightening than imaginable. This DVD collection not only includes the original masterpiece, but the slew of sequels which followed. The two disc-set contains the cult classic The Bride of Frankenstein as well The Son of Frankenstein, The Ghost of Frankenstein and even The House of Frankenstein. This compilation of monstrous hits is a must-have for any true fan of the grand ghoul.

Special Features include:
-"The Frankenstein Files" Documentary
-Feature-length commentary by film historian Rudy Behlmer and Scott Macqueen
-Documentaries for each film
-Original theatrical trailers
-A short film entitled "Boo!"
-Poster and photo galleries

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