Everyone's favorite count has graced the silver screen on numerous occasions, being played by a multitude of performers including character actor Gary Oldman and Canadian funnyman Leslie Nielsen. While various films and television series have offered up their own spooky interpretations of the infamous bloodsucker, it is Browning's 1931 masterpiece which is guaranteed to make you cringe. Horror-meister Bela Lugosi stars as the evil vampire who plays host to a gaggle of unsuspecting individuals who sleepover at his lair. Edward Van Sloan plays the film's hero Professor Abraham Van Helsing, who saves many damsels in distress. It is no coincidence that this film is being re-released onto DVD less than a month before the Hugh Jackman epic Van Helsing. In fact, a free Cineplex Odeon coupon valid for a screening of the film accompanies the two-disc set. What makes this anthology extra special is the fact that The Legacy Collection marks the first time that the much-loved sequel The House of Dracula makes its way onto DVD. Surprisingly, fans seem to be running to video stores more for the 1945 John Carradine flick than the original. Also included in this five film collection is the 1931 Spanish Dracula movie which coincided with the American release, as well as Dracula's Daughter and Son of Dracula.

Special features include:
-A new musical score by composer Philip Glass
-Lupita Tovar interview
-Dracula documentary
-Commentary by film historian David J. Skal
-Poster and photo gallery

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