De Phazz

Get ready for some mind-bending German electronica-even if this doesn't necessarily snap up your attention, you should give De Phazz a chance. You will not regret it, and even if you do than at least you will have had the experience. That is what De Phazz is, an experience. One that lends itself to so many descriptions because if you like the retro-vocal melancholy, jazzy, cafeteria-style, insular-yet-panoramic, lush, smoky-lounge, orchestral, strange, ecstatic, JD-scratchy, sublime, sampled and genre-bending compositions then De Phazz is the best of the best. Compared to artists like Art of Noise, The Matthew Herbert Big Band, Enzso, Funki Porcini, Yellow, Caleb's Cosmosis, Hugh Marsh, Future Sound of London, United Future Organization or Bowery Electric, De Phazz has their own sound and then some. They incorporate pure crazy talent with style and substance to give you this very listenable product. That said, you will probably be able to groove to "Plastic Love Memory" on your own terms of existence. This band is obviously very talented, perhaps even beyond words.

This album would be great for house parties or for some much needed relaxation with a loved one (or maybe even just by yourself). Cut the bread, serve the wine, get comfortable and unwind. This is the music that makes you want to fly, makes you want to be alive, to jump and dance…even while you enjoy spacing out on the couch.

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