The first time I heard this disk I was struck by how much it reminded me of early Tea Party, but without the catchy ability to inspire replay. The reminiscence isn't surprising considering that Vinland is lyrically inspired by The Doors. It was nice; hitting that dark, melancholy and minimal category but not quite matching their quoted influences (The Cure, Depeche Mode, ect). It's just missing the spark that turns dark rock away from ridiculous pretensions into glorious painful insights. The second track, "Rise Again" has an interesting drum and bass line that adds a curious sense of urgency to the music and this is definitely the best track on the demo. There is potential here if the band could only tap an edgier, harsher sound that would really match their objectives "to reach out to new musical boundaries and to introduce a music with glimpses of yesterday and tomorrow, and to blend the whole into a dynamic and energetic sound." There is just too much self-awareness that keeps these guys from truly meshing with the music. Maybe if 'tomorrow' was coming in stronger and 'yesterday' was better produced then that hoped for new music would explode into existence and recreate this offering into a truly chill offering.

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