Diana Krall

Those who are looking for the familiar sound of Krall's earlier works may be surprised. "The Girl in the Other Room" is a step in a new and fascinating journey for Krall. This edgy collection of jazz tunes focus on complicated lyrics rather than the wonderful instrumental solos Krall is capable of. The title track of the disk is a nice example that is both catchy and yet diffident towards its listener's expectations. A brilliant, strong piece that is hopefully foreshadowing what the future holds. Her collaborations with her hubby, Elvis Costello is interesting and worth listening to. Tracks like "Narrow Daylight", "Abandoned Masquerade" and "I'm Coming Through" are lovely examples, of Krall's new direction. These are the songs that move towards fully exposing the hidden emotional nuances of Diana Krall's velvet voice. Krall's personal style, the piano-jazz creed, comes through quite spectacularly on "Love Me Like a Man" to add flare to the entire disk. Her cover of "Black Crow" is jazzed up and heartfelt. The music holds an echo of the past with sparse accompaniment and Krall's emotive and expressive voice. It is the stability of these two factors that make "The Girl in the Other Room" an excellent, well-balanced record.

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