Vox Crosby

I think the real 'wonder' here, is how such a talented guy can still be in the struggling artist category. Vox Crosby is beyond just the heights of the Montreal music scene, this guy has the inherent ability to make the nation proud…the nation just doesn't know it yet. Crosby is well known around various parts of Montreal, especially the West Island and getting more popular every day, probably because he brings thoughtful lyrics and beautiful melodies to those who stop and listen. Primarily Crosby is a ballad singer who employs catchy pop riffs and the darker, melancholy sides of rock. Vox is on his way to singing exactly what life is all about. The first track "Sudden Extinction" is a rolling jazzy tune that will have you singing along by about the second listen (unfortunately you probably won't sound as good as Vox). He has a soulful wail that changes range and harmony with effortless grace. The second track "Nowhere Love" is even better than the first; it's so catchy you might not even notice how sad the lyrics are. "Tread marks on my Soul" manages to uphold that intrinsic positive vibe characteristic of Crosby, while singing about the lower sides of life. The whole album raps itself up into a very appealing package; my only complaint might be the absence of my favorite Crosby original "Vegas." This is the type of album you can put on continuous play and just enjoy.

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