Ron Sexsmith

After seeing him open for The Barenaked Ladies this past February, I became an automatic convert to the earnest and wistful sounds of Ron Sexsmith. Retriever is the Canadian singer / songwriter's seventh studio album and the artist shows no signs of slowing down. Strumming on his guitar while waxing poetic about love and all other things warm and fuzzy, Sexsmith shines brightly, assuring listeners that he's anything but your fabricated singer/songwriter– he's the real deal. The performer sounds like he could have been transported directly from the 60s or 70s with his vintage vocals and gentle instrumentals. Opening with the sweetly sincere "Hard Bargain", Ron sets the standard for the entire album which remains consistently honest throughout. The dreamy piano ballad "Tomorrow In Her Eyes" glitters in this collection of primarily guitar-based tracks. Tunes like "How On Earth" and "Happiness" prove that perhaps Sexsmith has some radio playability, an idea that would have had record execs furrowing their brows only a few years ago. If lyric-heavy love songs are your bag but just can't stand the generic sap that usually comes along with them, then nab yourself a copy of Retriever, cause you will always be in the mood for Sexsmith.

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