The soundtrack to the ingenious Michel Gondry picture opens with a quirky but haunting theme by soon to be legendary film composer Jon Brion. Right when things seem as if they couldn't possibly get any better, this track is followed by the epic "Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra. This song, which was used for the film's promos embodies the spirit of the wacky romantic dramedy starring Jim Carrey. While 17 out of the 26 tracks belong to Brion, some of the idiosyncratic names in alternative music lend their talents to the disc, including Polyphonic Spree ("Light And Day" and "It's The Sun"), Beck ("Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes"), The Willowz ("I Wonder") and the jumping and jiving Don Nelson ("Nola's Bounce"). The combination of Brion's beautiful instrumental ballads and the original tunes by talented wordsmiths make for a memorable listening experience for both those familiar with the flick and those who just want to chill out and catch some eternal sunshine.

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