Trey Anastasio

Known primarily for his work as front-man for the Burlington, Vermont rock-band Phish, Trey Anastasio goes solo with this curiously short collection of tracks. Backed by a sixty-six piece orchestra on several tunes, Anastasio has decided to keep his mouth shut, allowing the instrumentals of his songs to do the talking. Opening the album with a light-hearted ditty entitled "Andre The Giant" as well as placing the album's intro (entitled "Discern") as the second to last track, one never forgets that this Phish-man has a warped sense of humor. As sly and quirky as the album may be, I sadly never forgot that I was listening to a "side project". With its mellower than mellow vibe, you can't help but feel that Anastasio is jamming throughout the entire disc. That said, Seis de Mayo has several high points. Closing the disc with an eleven minute long orchestral take on the classic Phish song "Guyute" makes for a thrilling finish to a bouncy and thoroughly enjoyable ride.

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