Various Artists

Regardless of what the title may suggest, this is one of those collections that can be listened to in a room of any size. The third in a series, Guitar Music is exactly that; an instrumental journey through the ages. This 17 track disc boasts some of the biggest guitar virtuosos in the business including Jesse Cook ("Rapture"), Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler (the bluesy lullaby "Sweet Dreams"), Canadian staple Colin James ("Speechless") and even Stevie Ray Vaughn, who teams up with Double Trouble for the southern fried "Chitlins Con Carne". Vocals have been thrown out the window for this anthology, allowing the guitars to do all of the talking. Being that the general vibe of the album is quite laid back, you can rest assured that Guitar Music will make for the perfect dinner party disc. With each track possessing its own unique voice, GMFSR is type of album guaranteed to please all tastes, be it blues, country or even classical. This is one of those volumes that you should definitely make room for.

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