Frustrated Sex Rant

Come on, we all know how hard it can be to find a decent date in this wonderful city of ours. Unless you grew up and married to your first boy friend, you have probably spent some time looking for Mr. Right (or even Mr. He'll do For Now). Maybe you've found him; maybe you've escaped unscathed from all the bad-to-horrible dating encounters that threaten modern romances. Taking reasonable chances is part of the sane happy life of the average single soul but sometimes the risks just don't seem to pan out. If your not in a committed long term relationship then you're probably at least looking for someone attractive to spend time with.

Besides bar hoping and crazy club nights there are few forums for meeting new potentials, especially if you are new to the area and therefore without an established circle of friends and acquaintances. Picking up dates from your work place is a dangerous no-no and any one who really believes they can find true love in a bar needs a reality check. One-night stands, which can be great fun, do not translate well into relationships or even friendships. Things just get weird.

Of course, even if you are blessed with great posse, going on blind dates with friends of friends can be one of life's biggest challenges. I mean, you do have to forgive the well meaning, but obviously flawed attempts, at matchmaking: "They're both single, they both like …soup. They should have lots to talk about!" It's the consequences of blind dates and one-night stands that really get to me – who need's the stress. Even worse though, is when one picks the stress-free option of sleeping with their friends. You know them, you feel comfortable, you accept their bad habits and besides, they don't look all that bad in a certain light after a few martinis. Weird tension is only the beginning to a never-ending list of problems to come.

There are those who champion the Internet as the single's new hotline to sexy adventures – but really, how is this different from blind dates except that you lack the objective point of view of the friend setting you up. Instead you have people creating a personality while hiding behind their computer in order to attract someone to them. It all sounds a bit predatory and dysfunctional to me – not to mention a backwards way to go about actually getting close to someone.

What's a single girl to do then? At least, what is she suppose to do after she's satiated her casual lust for alcohol and easy flings and instead is looking for something a little bit more regular? What about meeting a large group of people, in the same age range who are looking for the same thing: a friendship that can lead to those essential sparks. A fun social atmosphere without any pressures, safety in numbers (another creepy thing about Internet dating is actually meeting the potential freak whose online picture may or may not do him justice) and a simple decorum that involves mingling in order to meet as many people as possible could easily equal a great time with some exciting results. Now, all I have to do is discover this path to paradise and I should be on my way to dating heaven – or at least having fun discovering how to get there.

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