Too drunk, to smell – Part 2

We eventually made it to California safe and sound. One night Jason, my friend Mike and I went to The Purple Lizard Saloon in Reseda for their weekly crab race. I remember "The Lizard" was located just off of Van Owen Street, on some dimly lit street. The drink that captivated our imaginations and sobriety that night was tequila, specifically Blue Agave (your not suppose to eat that worm, or are you?). Tequila I'm told, is unlike any other alcoholic beverage. Its powerful effects can hit you like a bulldozer in the middle of the night before a person is even ready to brace for all that force. The first victim of the night was Jason, we sent him back to our place in a cab. The more Mike and I drank the more sociable we became. At one point it seemed that we knew the whole bar. Another interesting fact about over-drinking is that the more you drink the better the women start to look. It didn't take long before Mike and I hooked up with a couple of Californian girls from Orange County. Debbie and Barbie were sisters; two very friendly sisters.

As the night kept rolling along we became more acquainted and intimacy seemed to be a certainty. The girls decided a drive to Malibu or Zuma Beach would be a good way to top off the evening. Mike chose to drive because he was the most sober, or so it seemed. Mike's Volkswagen Jetta eventually merged onto the 101, Ventura freeway or as some have called it "The Highway of Dreams". (Note: It is never a good idea to drink and drive, so I hope anyone reading this piece realizes that the decision to drive to the beach was far from a sober and intelligent choice). The Beach was fairly close to Reseda, only two or three exits away. The tricky and treacherous part of the trip transpired after we got off the freeway. I noticed the Cold Canyon Road or Malibu Canyon Road exit sign just flashed past me. I remember circumventing that beautifully scenic and extremely steep single lane road during the day. One wrong turn and you're history, with no street lamps it was a miracle that Mike actually made it to The Beach.

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