Too drunk, to smell – Part I

Most of my experiences have taken place in Montreal; however some of my most out of the ordinary events have taken place while on vacation. I notice that people are often less inhibited when away from home and I hope that you'll feel free to share those wonderful (or terrifying) adventures. Eventually I hope to hear from you, the reader, about some of your outlandish tales!

In this case my upcoming story actually took place on a recent Californian vacation. To note-this story does involve alcohol and dating. I hope the tale will be as interesting for you to read as it is for me to tell.

After 9/11 airport security has developed into a lengthy, uncomfortable procedure that I am more than willing to bypass whenever possible. So when my friend Jason and I decided to go to California we decided on a road trip. After all, if you drive about 1000 Kilometers per day you're on the West Coast in under a week! No prob, right? We were looking forward to the wonderful vistas, towns, women and adventures that we could wander into on our way to the "Promised Land." Undeniably, we were ready for anything.

The first stage of our trip lasted about 22 hours and we wound up in Chicago. It was too late to find a hotel so we decided to drive further and we wound up sleeping in a rest area just outside of Des Moines, Iowa. To be specific, we decided to sleep on picnic tables. The problems with these wooden tables are manifold: not only are they uncomfortable for sleeping but you are vulnerable to the elements. Of course it rained that night and neither Jason nor I got any sleep. We were a little bummed but overall pretty mellow-I mean, that's the code of the road. The bad luck continued in the early morning when we decided to head west with the "Golden Coast" in our hearts and in our dreams as we both fell asleep at the wheel while Jason was driving. Kar, rrrch,munch Kaboom!!!!…with my eyes wide open now, I recognized the peril that awaited us just 12 feet ahead, as we were traversing the ditch that divides the two sides of Interstate 80 at over 100 Kilometers per hour (at least we kind of kept within the speed limit). Ok, I kind of veered off course there with the car story, literally and allegorically. So, let's return to the dating next time…

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