Lil Scrappy & Trillville

Lil Scrappy and Trillville recently released a rap album in which ex-DJ and record executive Lil Jon is amongst the list of producers. These Atlanta natives are recognized for their "crunk" style. This album consists of a generous selection of 20 tracks plus a bonus. Right from the first few songs it is apparent that this compilation is filled with heavy doses of cursing, violent lyrics and the disrespect of women. Basically the usual fare found in most rap music. Lil Jon does manage to come up with some upbeat sounds though. He even drops some rhymes on the track "Head Bussa." Lil Scrappy offers up a decent performance on "F.I.L.A." "Diamonds In My Pinky Ring" also has a smooth flow. "Be Real" offers a mix of rock music and hip hop vibes. Trillville uses the game show refrain of the once popular show "Weakest Link" but it's not too impressive. If you are a rap fan you might like this album but it's really nothing special.

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