The 1970's were a decade of social and political turmoil in America. Viet Nam, Watergate, the oil crisis, 3 Mile Island and the Cold War were a few of the events that shaped American history. Disco fever took care of the rest. At the 1980 Olympic winter games in Lake Placid, New York, the morale of a nation was about to be restored, thanks to the Hockey Miracle. Curl up on the couch, wrap yourself in the American flag and enjoy Disney's 2 disc feel-good inspirational story about the Olympic hockey team that beat all the odds in a story that combines the excitement of hockey, the authenticity of factual events and the ultimate reward: An Olympic gold medal. Kurt Russell plays Herb Brooks, coach of the U.S. Olympic hockey team, in what many say is the performance of his career. Brooks dreamed the impossible dream: Beating the Soviet hockey team. His first task was to bring to the team a new style of hockey, combining Soviet and Canadian methods. Brooks was not looking for the best players, he was looking for the right players, those who could be molded as a unit to beat the Soviet hockey team. The 1980 hockey team was young and unseasoned. It was up to Brooks to turn them into a winning team and push them beyond their limitations in his determination to win the gold, something he could never do as a hockey player. There was no price that was too great, not even his marriage. Putting together the strongest and best hockey team was all that mattered. He turned his passion into triumph and made everybody believe it was possible to follow your dreams. Unfortunately, Herb Brooks died in a car accident and he never got to see the finished film. He surely would have been proud and honoured at the accomplishments of the writers, directors and cast. Those who know Herb Brooks say the portrayal of him by Kurt Russell is done to perfection from his speech to his mannerisms. Brooks was a true hero to a country that needed a miracle.

Bonus Material

Disc 1
The Making of Miracle
-How the authenticity and realism of the story came through in the film
-Re-experiencing something that somebody experienced first hand
-The impact the win had on the country
-Audio Commentary
-View the film with audio commentary by Director Gavin O'Connor, Director of Photography Daniel Stoloft and Editor John Gilroy

Disc 2
From Hockey to Hollywood: Actor's Journeys
-Casting the actors
-Choosing from 3,000 auditions
-Combining hockey and acting skills
-Specific requirements including resemblance to the actual players
-Passing the hockey test 'Miracle" ESPN roundtable with Linda Cohn, A discussion of Herb Brooks with Kurt Russell, Mike Eruzione Captain, 1980 U.S. Hockey Team, Buzz Schneider, Winger, 1980 U.S. Hockey Team and Jim Craig, Goalie, 1980 U.S. Hockey Team.

The Sound of 'Miracle'
-The importance of sound design
-The sound of the skates, pucks, sticks, goalie moves, all part of the sound design
-Sound editing, re-recording, mixing

First Impressions
Herb Brooks with Kurt Russell and the filmmakers
-Raw footage of Herb Brooks a few weeks before pre-production at a hotel in Los Angeles as he discusses his philosophies of the game, his approach to the sport and his methods
-Poignant footage which is a tribute to his memory


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