Tomorrow Land

Before The Discovery Channel and other educational TV, Walt Disney brought a series of shows to a large audience which he called "Science Factual". These were represented in the Tomorrowland areas of the Disney theme park as well as a part of a weekly television series of the same name. In the mid 1950's Disney was looking ahead to the prospect of space travel and contemplating man's place in the universe. Using futuristic ideas as well as special effects and animation, the world became fascinated with the prospect of space travel. This DVD set uses less animation than the others and focuses more on factual and scientific methods of entertainment. Disc 1 has 3 features: "Man in Space", the first installment of Tomorrowland from the Disneyland TV show in 1955 in which the prospect of space travel and exploration is discussed as well as man's fascination with space and the moon, "Man and the Moon", the second Tomorrowland show about space exploration, beginning with man's fascination of the moon and how the moon became a figure in our culture, "Mars and Beyond" the show about Mars and possible exploration of the mysterious planet. Disc 2 has another 3 features: "Eyes in Outer Space" shown in 1959, the powerful force of the weather and how the weather is tracked and understood, "Our Friend the Atom", an entertaining yet educational look at atomic energy, learning scientific concepts and the history and scientific progress of atomic energy and "Epcot", and explanation of the Project of Disneyworld, never shown to the public until now. Bonus Features include "The Optimist Futurist: An Interview With Ray Bradbury" done by Leonard Maltin, "Marty Sklar, Walt and Epcot", another Leonard Maltin interview with the Vice President and Principle Creative Executive of Walt Disney Imagineering, Behind the Scenes Gallery, Publicity & Publications Gallery, Story and Background Art Gallery, which is the artwork behind some of the most fascinating science fiction Disney shows. Number of copies released: 105,000.

Total Running Time: Approx. 4 hours.

Special note:
Clearly each DVD set is packed with tons of rare material, unseen footage, educational stories as told by Leonard Maltin in a clear and precise manner and so much more. With such a limited number of copies in distribution, any serious Disney collector will want to own this piece of entertainment history.

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