Walt Disney / On The Front Lines

This DVD is more adult-oriented, kids will not enjoy and are unlikely to understand the subject matter, namely, a nation at war. The film industry was still young when America went to war, but even then the industry understood the value of using film to educate an audience. In 1941 when World War II broke out, the Disney studio devoted their time and resources to informing the public. The films ranged from entertainment to educational, and for the past 50 years they have mostly been unseen until now. The DVD includes recently declassified material which was used for training and propaganda.. Disc 1 consists of 13 educational shorts including "Thrifty Pig", "Seven Wise Dwarfs", "Food Will win the War" and "Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Firing Line", in which Minnie Mouse and Pluto show how cooking fats can be turned into ammunition. There are also 11 Propaganda and Entertainment Subjects such as "Donald gets Drafted" and "Private Pluto". The most rivetting material on Disc 1 are the 4 releases From the Vault, the most fascinating being "Der Feuhrer's Face", a cartoon about Hitler filled with comical absurdity, winning an Academy Award in 1942 for Best Short Subject. Another release from the vault is "Education for Death", a more serious topic about the making of a Nazi. "Reason and Emotion" received an Academy Award Nomination in 1943 for Best Short Subject, and the last from the vault is "Chicken Little." Disc 2 brings us "Victory Through Air Power",the rarest Disney animated feature, a full length feature film from 1943, the most ambitious Disney war time effort about the importance of creating long range bomber planes. The idea was taken from a book by the same name and the concepts were so compelling that Winston Churchill insisted that President Roosevelt watch it and then agreed to commit to long range bombing. This film has been in the vaults since WWII. There is also recently discovered outtakes and leftover footage. Interviews with the three living Disney legends who share their memories of the war time conditions: Artists Joe Grant, John Hench and Roy Disney share their stories and thoughts on the set of Victory Through Air Power. Bonus Features include Training Shorts, the least acclaimed but most important subjects on wartime training tips, the quickest and cheapest way that animation could be applied to national defence training. Films were made under top secret conditions and were just recently declassified. 3 of the 200 training films shown are "Four Methods of Flush Riveting" which was distributed by the National Film Board of Canada, "Stop That Tank" and a Training Films Montage. These were not meant for entertainment, their purpose was educational. Also in the Bonus Features are Galleries, Poster Gallery, Production Art Gallery, Victory Through Air Power Gallery, Dispatches From Disney Gallery, The Gremlins Gallery, Joe Grant's Sketchboard and Insignia Gallery. Number of copies released: 250,000.

Total Running Time:
Approx. 3 hours 30 minutes.

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