Reverend Horton Heat / May 19, 2004

The psycho -retro-flames-wearin-greased-cranked extravaganza that Texas’ Reverend Horton Heat and his trio put forth last night was extraordinary. The Foufounes Electriques was without a doubt the perfect Montreal venue to watch these rebel rousers on their tour through North America.

The Reverend even put a slanted rant on “crowd rap” or “Crap”, the talk/filler most bands use to get their audience “pumped up” because their “music ain’t doing the job”. The Rev. also compared his bassist, Jimbo to Micheal Landon who promptly replied with an alligator snap.

The Reverend has been renownedfor performing inspired sweat soaked shows for over 20 years and has pumped out about 8 full length albums on record labels large and small. Their experience shows well as they all proved to the enthusiastic mosh pit audience.

The drummer was absolutely outstanding with an unexpected drum solo featuring acrobatic stick twirls and monster foot-to-hand rolls and an acoustic sound that blasted the venue apart. Jimbo was also right in his role rattling off trademark slap upright bass lines which seamlessly propelled each up tempo number along. This band is the real deal with their leader, Reverend Horton Heat serving as their catalyst.

Thank goodness Reverend Horton Heat is still in the business of performing their music on their own terms. These good ol’ boys have not sold out to mainstream pop culture… Someone should grab a bottle of formaldehyde and preserve them!

Set List:
Big Sky
Baddest of the Bad
5-0 Ford
The Party in your Head
I Can’t Surf
Wiggle Stick
400 Bucks
Duel at the….
Loco Gringos Like a Party
Goin’ Back Home Someday
It’s Martini Time
The Jimbo Song
Rumble Strip
If it Ain’t Got Rhythm
Like a Rocket
Bales of Cocaine
Devil’s Chasin’ Me
Psycho-billy Freakout
Big Red Rocket of Love (Drum and Bass solos)

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